Agriculture is the key industry of our country. Development of agricultural economy is the issue that the Party and State pays great attention to ensure food security in the country and neighboring countries. To develop sustainable agriculture and rural areas, it is necessary to have comprehensive solutions; in addition to policy formulation; develop economic and social measures; Researching and applying science and technology to increase productivity and create more green products, the development of human resources for the agricultural sector is also a key factor.

Currently, there are many young people who aspire to start a business. Meanwhile, other business and service industries are gradually saturated; start-up from agriculture and rural areas is a trend.

What is agricultural economics?

The optimization of production and distribution of agricultural products by applying the main economic theory is agricultural economics . Agricultural economics began as a branch of economics, concerned with land use; focus on maximizing crop productivity; ensure maintaining a good ecosystem.

Advantages of agricultural economic development in Vietnam

Agriculture has been and is Vietnam’s strong industry with many advantages in both natural and social aspects.

Natural advantage

Vietnam is a country with a tropical monsoon climate, which is a condition for the development of a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals.

The land area for agriculture in our country is still quite large, so it can be easily developed into agricultural farms or divided into large crop-growing regions; or maybe high-tech agricultural processing factories; They can combine to form a closed circle in the production, processing and distribution of products.

Human advantage

Vietnamese farmers are smart, industrious and hard-working with relatively low labor-day prices compared to many other countries.

Policy advantage

Due to the policy of prioritizing the development of the agricultural economy, machinery and technology products for agricultural production are supported with VAT exemption.

Pursuant to Clause 2, Article 1 of Circular 26/2015/TT-BTC, adding Clause 3a to Article 4 of Circular 219/2013/TT-BTC stipulating that subjects not subject to value-added tax include:

Specialized machinery and equipment for agricultural production include: plows; Harrow; milling machine; row slitting machine; original tarpaulin machine; equipment for leveling fields; seeding machine; transplanting machine; sugarcane planting machine; carpet coating production machine system; cultivator, cultivator, spreader, sprinkler, fertiliser; plant protection machine, sprayer; machines to harvest rice, corn, sugarcane, coffee, cotton; machine for harvesting tubers, fruits and roots; tea cutting machine, tea picking machine; threshing machine; corn peeling machine; corn thresher; soybean threshing machine; peanut shelling machine; coffee husking; machines and equipment for preliminary processing of coffee and wet rice; dryer for agricultural products (rice, corn, coffee, pepper, cashew…), aquatic products; machines for collecting and unloading sugarcane, rice and straw in the field; incubator, hatching poultry eggs; grass harvesting machine, straw baler, grass; milking machines and other specialized machines.

Product output advantage

Since the EVFTA agreement was signed (June 8, 2020) and took effect (from August 1, 2020), Vietnamese agricultural products have temporarily stopped worrying about the devaluation season. There are still many difficulties and challenges ahead.

Many agricultural products of Vietnam have been and are in the top of exports such as vegetables, cashew nuts, rice, coffee, rubber, etc. In addition, there are other key export items such as: Pepper, tea, pangasius, shrimp, wood and wood products are present in nearly 200 countries and territories around the world.


Is it difficult to develop the agricultural economy?

The agricultural sector with a variety of industries is a great opportunity for many young people, from those with capital or without capital; And even those who have no experience in the field of agriculture can do it. With many natural and social advantages mentioned above, the development of agricultural economy must go hand in hand with the development of human resources. To do that, it is very necessary to contribute from young people; Especially young people who want to start a business.

Industries that need to focus on agricultural economic development

Cultivation and animal husbandry
With a relatively abundant agricultural land area today, collecting agricultural land has become easier than ever. The difficulty in the profession is still finding the right product; applying new techniques to increase productivity and quality; find the output for the product.

This is the root of agricultural economic development; need enthusiastic young people, as well as technical, eager to learn.

Processing agricultural products
With agricultural product processing, more or less also need a relative capital for input products as well as machinery and labor. Agricultural product processing needs to pay attention to the quality of input products, ensuring a clear origin. Agricultural product processing aims to create new quality products, good for consumers’ health.

This is also a key sector in the strategy of agricultural economic development in our country today.

Agricultural business
Can be the business of technological machinery such as farming machines, agricultural planes, harvesting machines, processing machines.

Trading in new products for agriculture: Bio-organic fertilizers, biological plant protection drugs.

Trading in agricultural products: Business model of clean vegetables or agricultural products.

With the agribusiness model, young people can develop starting with small business models with little capital. Or you can call for investment from other agricultural enterprises, from policy banks, agricultural banks, etc.

Marketing & Sales
Aim to promote more popular agricultural products to consumers. Directing consumers to use products of natural origin, ensuring safety and good for health.

Training and teaching agricultural knowledge
For young people with knowledge and experience in the field of agriculture.

Disseminate new agricultural knowledge to farmers, new applications in selecting varieties; selection of scientific and technological products in the cultivation and care of plants and animals.

Update difficulties and advantages so that farmers have new development orientations for agricultural production.

With a variety of careers above, young people were spoiled for choice. However, starting a business is never easy, always needs enthusiasm and curiosity. Only then can you be successful.

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