In the fourth industrial revolution (4.0), through the internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc., people will transform the entire real world into the digital world. Accordingly, agriculture 4.0 focuses on smart production based on breakthrough achievements in information technology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

Agriculture 4.0 changes the management method. If High-Tech Agriculture is to change the production method from traditional to modern, then Agriculture 4.0 changes the management method, builds an automatic-precision production process, and the manager does not need to directly on the farm.

The picture of Agriculture 4.0 will be a closed process by technology: high quality seeds, smart fertilizers, herbal pesticides; Precision farming, standardizing seed quantity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions; Automate harvesting, storage, transportation and processing; Seek an origin.

agriculture 4.0
Agriculture 4.0 changes the management method, builds an automatic-precise production process, and the manager does not need to be present at the farm.

Agriculture 4.0 ensures accuracy, uses sensors and smart algorithms to distribute water, fertilizers and pesticides, responding to plants when they really need them, to ensure profitability and sustainability sustainable and environmental protection, save costs and improve output.

In countries that have applied Agriculture 4.0 since the 2000s such as the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, etc., labor costs account for only 5% of the cost structure, while in Vietnam currently accounts for about 50%. . That is the answer to the question because the cost of many agricultural products in Vietnam is too high.

Is there Agriculture 4.0 in Vietnam?

Although there is no true complete model, many farms in Vietnam have partially applied Agriculture 4.0 to management and achieved high results. Many farmers have boldly invested in the application of sensors to digitize elements such as water, manure, medicine, humidity, light… and then transfer it to internet-connected devices, from which they can manage remote management via computer, smart phone.

The model of cooperation between the Southern Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology (Agricultural Science and Technology) and the Eco-Tiger Company producing organic rice in Chau Thanh district (Tra Vinh) has exported thousands of tons of organic rice according to the standards. USA, EU and Japan.

Anh Dao Cooperative (Da Lat – Lam Dong) applies technology to monitor and control system of temperature, humidity, light, ventilation and watering, monitoring smart vegetable cultivation, domestic consumption output. average 50,000 tons/year and 4,000 tons for export, revenue more than 10 million USD/year.

3T banana brand (Khoai Chau-Hung Yen) with a scale of 200ha of pink pepper and western bananas; 600ha of bananas of Huy Long An Company also successfully applied high technology. 3T bananas and Huy Long An bananas enter supermarkets, export to China and fastidious markets such as Japan and Europe. On average, 3T Company earns nearly 30 billion VND in revenue each year, creating jobs for 40 employees with a salary of 4.5 million VND/person/month.

VIFARM company applies clean vegetable production using reflux hydroponic technology – Hydroponic (in Ba Ria-Vung Tau and Lam Dong). These are drip irrigation technologies, LED technology, equipment to control temperature, humidity, light, and environmental parameters. As a result, the productivity is 3 times higher and the cost is 1/2 compared to traditional production.

TH True Milk Group built the largest dairy farm applying smart farming technology in Asia with a scale of more than 45,000 cows. Ho Chi Minh City Animal Breeding Center also applies the above technologies in dairy farming. Huy Long An Co., Ltd (Long An) applies digital technology to automate feeds, nutrition sources, etc. at the cow farm.

DTK Phu Tho clean chicken egg factory (Te Le, Tam Nong, Phu Tho) with a capacity of 500,000 eggs per day, is capable of biosafety control in the entire production process of clean eggs. product supply time from laying hens to the store-supermarket system in just 24 hours.

Many application technology providers

Next Farm smart agriculture management software was developed by HOSCO, which was honored 3 times with the Sao Khue Prize voted by the Vietnam IT Business Association. Next Farm web and mobile applications include the following main modules: 1/Input system: Crops, feed, fertilizers, tools; 2/Production alert system: Work plan, vaccination, injection schedule, production process, expected date of harvest; 3/ Assess the status; 4/ Mining Big Data data.

Dai Thanh Joint Stock Company deploys Agricheck software in Vietnam. Olaff Juttner – CEO of a large corporation in Germany, commented: “I am confident that the Agricheck anti-counterfeiting and traceability system built by LOLO will bring the highest value to Vietnamese agricultural products, help us distribute Vietnamese agricultural products and other products originating from Vietnam easily”.

Http://  is the first agricultural-seafood-food e-commerce platform in Vietnam, using blockchain traceability technology, which is a sales channel that helps sellers easily easily search and connect with buyers or customers in need in Vietnam and internationally. includes a technology chain: 1/ Trace the product journey; 2/Fast payment security (Fast payment security); 3/ Smart contract (Smart contract); 4/Internet of Things (IoT) via API gateway.

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