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We keep this in mind throughout our endeavors. At Starlinks ™, we give maximum attention and investment to a human resource that is both “quality” and “quality”. Simply put, human resource is the central factor determining the success or failure of Starlinks ™.

People: the invaluable asset of Starlinks ™

The achievements that Starlinks ™ has achieved over the years are always driven by the company’s quality human resources. In the early days of establishment, Starlinks ™ had only 20 officers and employees.

Up to now, after many years of continuous development, our branches have deeply understood their philosophy of life. Our assets today are a team of young, dynamic, creative, honest, diligent employees plus serious and professional working attitude.

For new employees, Starlinks ™ always takes the first 1-3 days to create a friendly and friendly atmosphere through the talks about the company’s policies and regimes. During the 3-month probation period, we always pay close attention to new employees in training, retraining, product exploration and market needs.

When officially accepted to work, each member of Starlinks ™ has the opportunity to continue to improve and develop the skills necessary to constantly improve their skills and professional capabilities.

People: The driving force of growth

With the philosophy that people are the driving force for development, the goal of Starlinks ™ is to create a professional and humane working environment. There, all employees are always happy, passionate about their work, constantly creating, promoting their capabilities, loving each other, living responsibly with themselves, their family and the company. and society.

Because of the people-centered policy, Starlinks ™ staff is always attached to each stage of the company’s development. Many of them have gone through a difficult period with Starlinks ™ from the very beginning and will surely continue to accompany the growth of Starlinks ™ in the future.

Employees’ talent, creativity and dedication are always considered as the key to the company’s development. Believing that “people are the core values ​​of the company”, we create every opportunity for them to develop their capabilities. We hope that our quality workforce will continue to create infinite potential for Starlinks ™ to achieve success.