In order to contribute to the restructuring of the agricultural sector to achieve high efficiency and sustainable development in the coming time, especially the implementation of the Digital Transformation Program of the city. Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City Agricultural Extension Center. Ho Chi Minh City has had many activities on Digital Transformation.

Specifically, the Agricultural Extension Center of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City recently held a training session on awareness of Digital Transformation in the agricultural sector for the heads, deputy heads of stations and affiliated departments. The content of the training sessions focused on the current situation and proposed some orientations to promote Digital Transformation in the agricultural sector.

Through the training sessions, many Digital Transformation solutions and effective applications were introduced in most areas of the agricultural industry, such as: in the field of crop production, with IoT technology, Big Data began to be applied. using digital technology products. These software allow analysis of environmental data, plant type and growth stage, and consumers can access and monitor these parameters in real time.

In the livestock industry, IoT, blockchain, and biotechnology technologies are widely applied in large-scale livestock farms. In fisheries, there is also a strong digital transformation such as the use of ultrasonic fish detectors, flow meters, satellite phones, seine net receivers (standing), collection and release systems, capture technology, etc. GIS technology and global positioning system (GPS) help manage offshore fishing fleet.

The aquaculture industry applies selective biotechnology to breed varieties with high yield, quality, disease resistance, good tolerance to the environment, circulating aquaculture technology (RAS), . Biofloc technology, nano technology, sea cage farming technology, cold water fish farming technology.

Artificial intelligence technology has been used in shrimp farming to analyze water quality data; feed and health management of farmed shrimp. Automation technology is widely applied in processing from sorting, packaging, production lines, etc., helping to reduce production costs and ensure the quality of seafood products.

With the function of being a unit with the task of guiding, supporting and advising farmers to develop the economy in the fields of cultivation, husbandry and aquaculture of the city’s agricultural industry, but before the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently raging is extremely complicated, the implementation of training content directly to farmers on the topic of Digital Transformation in Agriculture Ho Chi Minh City Agricultural Extension Center. Ho Chi Minh could not do it.

Therefore, through the training session, the Director of Ho Chi Minh City Agricultural Extension Center. In Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Pham Lam Chinh Van asked the technical staff who are leaders of the departments and stations to build for themselves each different training exercise for each field of cultivation, husbandry and aquaculture to introduce to her. City farmers through online form or video clips, helping farmers to receive new knowledge in a timely manner, suitable to the current external environment.

In addition, regarding the implementation of the task of implementing the topic of Digital Transformation in Agriculture, before that, the Center for Agricultural Extension of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City also cooperated with Silver Shrimp Company Limited (a provider of information and products applying technology to aquaculture) to organize a Workshop on “Training on the application of Digital Transformation in the Fisheries industry”, for technical staff specialized in fisheries of the Center.

In particular, in the seminar, Farmext application, a high-tech aquaculture farm management solution, was introduced. The project comes from the desire to improve the quality of Vietnam’s seafood exports, and at the same time, support farms with indicators, process logs, and international export certifications.

Through the above activities, the Agricultural Extension Center of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City has been gradually implementing the topics on Digital Transformation in the agricultural industry, contributing to the development of the Digital Transformation Strategy of the city in general and the city’s agricultural sector. Ho Chi Minh City in particular in the current 4.0 technology era.


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