Digital transformation is an inevitable trend in many socio-economic fields, including agriculture. For a purely agricultural mountainous province like Tuyen Quang, digital transformation is even more important, promoting commodity production and opening up opportunities for rapid and sustainable development. However, this journey is still arduous, requiring drastic intervention from authorities, scientists, businesses and farmers.

Lesson 1: First steps

Forest fire prevention by remote sensing equipment; take care of plants and animals by camera; offering products for sale via smartphones… Digital technology has been playing an important role in agricultural and forestry production, changing production methods, liberating maximum labor, improving productivity, product quality.

Reducing forest fires with remote sensing equipment

In recent years, there have been no major forest fires in the province, thanks to the preeminent features of digital technology. Mr. Luong Xuan Trong, an officer of the Provincial Forest Protection Department, said that in 2015, the provincial FPD applied forest fire warning software (also known as remote sensing device), with this modern technology, All information and data about the forest will be digitized into the software via the Internet and connected to the mobile phones of the forest rangers and local authorities.

Officers of the Provincial Forest Protection Department monitor the forest fire warning chart sent from remote sensing devices.

The operation process of remote sensing equipment will monitor forest developments in the area based on NASA’s free satellite image source, filter out suspected fire spots, automatically remove suspected fire spots in non-forested locations. At the suspected forest fire point, the device automatically compares with the current map of the forest, determines the coordinates, and sends the address to the phone number of the forest ranger and the local government that has been programmed. Mr. Trong affirmed that information from remote sensing equipment helps the force detect early, accurately assess the cause, and control the risk of forest fires.

For example, at 15:44, on June 21, the system detected a fire in the forest of Tan Thinh commune (Chiem Hoa). Mr. Ma Cong Tin, Head of Tan Thinh Forest Protection Station, said that as soon as the information was received, the station mobilized forces to inspect the site. The result of the fire was that people burned vegetation to prepare for afforestation. To ensure absolute safety in forest fire prevention and control, especially in hot weather for a long time like the past few days, the station requires households to clean up, process food in the safest range, control all hazards that can lead to fire.

Also on June 21, 2021, the Provincial Forest Protection Department also received pictures of a fire in Yen Lam commune (Ham Yen). The Sub-department has requested the Ham Yen Forest Protection Department to check and verify. The test results match the information sent by remote sensing equipment.

Comrade Duong Van Xy, Deputy Director of the Provincial Forest Protection Department, affirmed that the fire detection rate through the remote sensing system is accurate to over 90%, so that all fires on the forest land area are protected. closely monitor, control and minimize the risk of forest fires. In addition to using remote sensing equipment, the Sub-Department also installed 12 forest fire warning signs, the operation mechanism of the signs also automatically updates weather information, temperature, sunshine hours from which to assess the danger of forest fires. The engine adjusts the alert level according to the calculated level. Applying information technology and digitization in forecasting and forecasting, forest fire prevention and control has been proactive at the highest level.

Taking care of plants and animals with automatic equipment

Cultivating more than 5,000 m2 of melons, which is considered the most conceptual crop, but Mr. Nguyen Viet Lam, Director of Green Farm Company, Khang Nhat commune (Son Duong), still has time to sip coffee and meet. friend.

Technology application, digital transformation Green Farm Company, Khang Nhat commune (Son Duong) minimizes disadvantages from weather, pests and diseases. Photo: Doan Thu

Mr. Lam said, the heaviest parts such as fertilizing, tending and watering the plants have been automated. When the weather is hot or rainy, the temperature sensor device automatically adjusts and regulates the watering mode to ensure the most stable growth and development of the melon plant. Cared for according to strict procedures, the company’s quality of cantaloupe meets the highest standards in clean food stores and national supermarkets.

Automating the production process, offering and consuming products Mr. Lam also digitizes for tracking and trading. When it is time to harvest, the device will report and the product image will be transferred to the focal point to sign the purchase agreement. Purchasing businesses only need to type the code on the stamp to access all information about the product, including: Breed, care process, product quality will be fully displayed. Director Nguyen Viet Lam affirmed that, with technology transformation, farmers like him no longer look at the sky, just look at the land, just look at the data, this job is very simple and effective. Typically, in the last May melon crop, the company collected 15 tons, but businesses came to the garden to cut it, the price was 27,000 VND/kg, the revenue was over 400 million VND.

Also in Son Duong district, digital technology also brings new development to pig farms. Mr. Nguyen Van Sung, owner of a large-scale pig farm in Roc village, Hop Thanh commune, said that in the past, raising according to the traditional process, it cost a lot to hire labor, but it was impossible to keep track of all. total pig herd. Now it’s different, each pig, especially the sow, is numbered, updated and tracked through an electronic diary, so the amount of food and the health of the animals are monitored. For commercial pigs and breeding pigs until the sale period, traders only need to see through the camera system, agree, fix the price, pigs will be delivered by way of the electronic scale. Mr. Sung affirmed that applying technology to livestock production not only effectively manages, but also controls and prevents the risk of disease transmission from vehicles entering the barn area.

According to a report of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, technology application and digital transformation have been implemented in many fields. Typically, installing automatic rain gauges to warn and forecast natural disasters; payment for forest environment services; monitoring aquatic environment… However, the application of digital technology in the agricultural sector is still not widespread, still small, and the level of farmers is not close to digital technology. This is a big challenge that needs to be solved in the near future.


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