Hi-tech agriculture is  no stranger to the world, but in Vietnam, this concept is still quite new, but it is attracting the attention of the Government as well as of production enterprises because of its advantages. advantages that it brings over traditional agriculture. High-tech agriculture is a trend that Vietnam is aiming for and promises to be a big step forward for the country’s agriculture.

High-tech agriculture

What is hi-tech agriculture?

High-tech  agriculture is an agriculture that is applied in combination with new and advanced technologies for production, also known as high technology in order to improve efficiency and create a breakthrough in productivity and quality of agricultural products. , satisfying the increasing needs of society and ensuring sustainable agricultural development.

High technology is integrated and applied in high-tech agriculture, including: agricultural industrialization (mechanization of stages of production, harvesting, preliminary processing, processing…), automation, technology. information technology, new material technology, biotechnology; high-yield and high-quality varieties of plants and animals…; advanced farming processes, organic farming… for high economic efficiency per production unit.

The situation of high-tech agriculture development in Vietnam

Developing hi-tech agriculture and renewing science and technology is considered as one of the key and key solutions. Applying science and technology solves challenges in agricultural development with the advantages of technologies such as: biotechnology, greenhouse technology, drip irrigation technology, sensor technology, automation , internet of things … help agricultural production save costs, increase productivity, lower costs and improve the quality of agricultural products, protect the environment.

On the other hand, CNC agriculture helps farmers be proactive in production, overcome seasonality, reduce dependence on weather and climate, and meet market demand for quality agricultural products.

High-tech agriculture
Dien Trach Farm Melon Garden in Tho Xuan – Thanh Hoa

According to the report, advances in science and technology contribute over 30% of added value in agricultural production, 38% in the production of plant varieties and livestock. The level of loss of agricultural products has decreased significantly (rice is less than 10%, …). The level of mechanization at the tillage stage for annual crops (rice, sugarcane, maize, vegetables) is about 94%; the rice harvest stage reaches 50% (the delta provinces reach 90%).

Commenting on the contribution of science and technology to the development of our country’s agriculture, many experts and scientists generally say that science and technology, especially IoT application, is   really one of the important solutions contributing effectively, creating breakthrough changes in agricultural production development, serving agricultural restructuring, improving people’s living standards.

Production developed thanks to the application of high technology

Determining the importance of agriculture applying technology to help change the country’s agricultural picture, bringing Vietnam’s agriculture to integrate and develop in the era of industrial revolution 4.0, 4th Conference, Executive Committee The 12th Party Central Committee promulgates Resolution No. 06-NQ/TW, November 5, 2016 on effectively implementing the process of international economic integration, maintaining socio-political stability in the context of foreign countries. Vietnam joins new-generation free trade agreements emphasizing orientations on modern agricultural development and high-tech application such as: “Modernization and commercialization of agriculture, strongly shifting to agricultural development. industry in depth, large production, based on science – technology, with high productivity, quality, competitiveness and added value.Shifting agriculture from the main food production to developing a diversified agriculture suitable to the advantages of each region.

This orientation along with the previously issued policies on high-tech agriculture such as Decision No. 176/QD-TTg dated January 29, 2010, approving the Project on development of hi-tech agriculture until 2020; Decision No. 1895/QD-TTg, dated December 17, 2012 approving the High-tech Agricultural Development Program under the National High-Tech Development Program until 2020 has continued to affirm the consistent view. of the Party and State on agricultural development, including hi-tech agriculture. Thereby, actively contributing to promoting the application of high technology in agricultural production achieved proud achievements.

Nextfarm Fertikit 4G automatic nutrition feeding system at Truong Anh strawberry farm – Cao Bang

According to the report of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2019, thanks to the application of science and technology in production, the structure of agricultural production continues to be adjusted in the direction of promoting the advantages of each locality, region, region and region. the whole country, associated with domestic and international market demand, adapting to climate change. Many enterprises have invested in large-scale concentrated production zones with modern technology associated with factories, storage and processing facilities for agricultural products with high export value.

In the field of horticulture, the transformation of crop structure has been accelerated, and the application of advanced production processes has been promoted. Due to the good work of pest control, the output and quality of many crops with economic value increased.

Mr. Dang Van Tung – Dien Trach farm used the Nextfarm Fertikit 4G IoT system to regulate nutrients for crops

The proportion of high-quality rice accounts for over 80% of exported rice, helping to raise the average export price of rice from 502 USD/ton in 2018 to 510 USD/ton in 2019. In particular, the ST25 rice variety is recognized as “rice” best in the world in 2019” at the 11th World Rice Trade Conference held in the Philippines.

The application of Good Agricultural Practices (VietGAP) is increasingly expanding and effective, bringing safe, good quality and high yielding products. In addition, the expansion of application of scientific and technological advances to production along with the results of research, evaluation and deployment of a large sample field model has boosted agricultural production, linked production and consumption. agricultural products along the value chain…

The forestry sector has had a remarkable development with a stable growth rate; has mastered many advanced technologies, created processing and preservation lines with quality equivalent to imported products. Forming the forest product processing industry ranked second in Asia and ranked fifth in the world.

solutions for livestock
Automatic pig feeding system

The livestock sector has seen a clear change in the organization of production, raising farms and farms, focusing on closed chains, applying advanced science and technology, and high technology. Many organic farming models have been formed and are being popularized and replicated. Seafood processing technology is increasingly invested in modern to meet the requirements of the international market.

With the help of science and technology applied in all stages of the agricultural production process from research, selection and breeding of plants and animals; planting, tending and cultivation techniques; animal feed; fertilizers, plant protection drugs, veterinary drugs; processing techniques, post-harvest preservation … have created new values ​​for agricultural products, helping to keep products fresh and safe, improving productivity, ensuring quality standards…

These results contribute to the rapid increase of Vietnam’s agricultural export turnover over the years. In 2019, the total export turnover of agricultural, forestry and fishery products is estimated at 41.3 billion USD; trade surplus of the whole industry is estimated at 10.4 billion USD.

Features of high-tech agriculture

  • Large investments,
  • Applying the latest scientific technology,
  • Construction of new-style agricultural enterprises
  • The cultivation and husbandry process is strictly controlled
  • Optimizing human resources, reducing disaster risk
  • Development of new energy sources, organic fertilizers, natural pesticides

Important factors for sustainable high-tech agriculture development

  • Knowledge, understanding, passion for agriculture
  • Don’t be afraid of difficulties, don’t get discouraged when you fail
  • Know how to see the problem, learn from mistakes after making mistakes
  • Effective cash flow management, to save investment costs, avoid profit loss
  • There is an effective method of processing output, avoiding the situation that the price is lost in the crop, the price is lost in the season
  • Pay attention to post-harvest processing and preservation, to increase the value of agricultural products
  • It is possible to combine building a high-tech agricultural model with eco-tourism to increase income
  • Promote communication, to increase the coverage of agricultural product brands

Source: nextfarm.vn

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