Vietnam has been implementing a number of programs to support and promote the application of blockchain technology for the development of the agricultural industry, meeting sustainable development in the period of global integration.

The trend of applying blockchain technology to agriculture is being applied by many countries around the world. When applied on a large scale, this technology does not increase costs, not to mention the application of blockchain technology in management, distribution, and traceability of agricultural products, which can increase transparency and security.

Not only applying blockchain to promote the agricultural production chain, but applying information technology also helps to ensure that scientific and technical progress is widely and effectively applied. With agricultural products in Vietnam, when blockchain technology is applied, anyone can trace the origin of the product.

With blockchain, all data is pushed into a common data warehouse, can not be tampered with, is safe and lasts forever, so it will become the optimal platform for artificial intelligence to work. Because information technology plays an important role in the agricultural industry.

Blockchain helps control, traceability in livestock

In addition, the connection between farmers and managers and scientists will be easier when information technology is applied. In the field of agriculture or retail, blockchain will effectively serve traceability to know where products and goods are imported and manufactured. For example, a livestock product from the farm to the consumer can have many stages. If blockchain technology is applied, it is possible to trace the breed origin, the history of the entire breeding process, information about the use of materials in the breeding process, information about the use of antibiotics, vaccines used to prevent diseases, on the use of product preservatives as well as information about the manufacturer and distributor related to the final product.

In addition, users can manage the livestock production process such as daily animal feed, veterinary drugs, vaccines, etc. The good management of agricultural product quality thanks to information technology will assist in meeting the conditions of demanding export markets such as the US, Europe and China.

Blockchain is helping to shorten the supply chain but still can provide the most accurate, up-to-date and fast information to the parties involved in the ecosystem. Applying this technology to production can control the entire production chain, making Vietnam’s agricultural products transparent about their origin, improving their value in the international market.

Recognizing the importance of applying high technology in agriculture, the National Center for Agricultural Extension (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) organized a training session on blockchain technology for Hanoi farmers. Interior. In the immediate future, the center will apply information technology to 5 groups of agricultural products, including: cultivation, animal husbandry, aquatic products, ornamental plants and medicinal herbs.


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