Officially operating since February 2009, after 12 years, Metfone has become the No. 1 brand in the field of telecommunications with more than 10 million customers, accounting for 41.7% of the telecommunications market share and accumulated revenue of 2,856 billion USD corresponds to 1% of Cambodia’s GDP. Total profit from this market in 12 years reached more than 354 million USD.

To become the telecommunications giant as it is today, Metfone went through a difficult period when the image gradually became old and did not attract customers, especially young customers during the boom period of the Era. numbers in Cambodia. Very well aware of the importance of finding a push to bring the Metfone brand closer to customers, becoming friendly and dynamic, Viettel Cambodia implemented a Brand Repositioning Campaign:

Change identity from green to red

The message is outstanding, young and strong, helping the brand become friendly and dynamic.

Personalize the brand with the Munny mascot

In Khmer, Munny means a “wise” person, “friendly” & always knows “listening”.

Claiming the value of Caring Innovator over 4.5G LTE

Affirming the value of “Innovation to serve people” through the deployment of 4.5G LTE technology (the most modern data technology at that time).

Developing a package system for young people

Not only stopping at the brand, Metfone has developed packages that target the needs of young people (the factor that creates the great success of Metfone later).

Results of the campaign

  • In an effort to reposition, this brand decided to change the identity color from green to red, expressing the message of prominence, youth and strength, helping the brand become friendly and dynamic.

  • When rival brands are fashionable, promoting young people who dare to live for their ego, Metfone has taken the philosophy of Viettel – Caring Innovator as the solution. Metfone stands out with its creative philosophy, but with the symbol of a silent hero, living responsibly and always caring and caring for people.
  • That image is expressed by Metfone through an interesting brand mascot: Munny. Munny in Cambodian means “know-it-all” – a real-life hero with 4 virtues: Helpful, simple, familiar and close.
  • Along with changing the identity color, Metfone also implemented many other marketing campaigns such as: organizing the biggest EDM concert in Phnom Penh – Night Race 2018 with more than 25,000 young people participating, Munny Idol Concert – music program and entertainment deployed in more than 100 high schools.
  • The brand indexes have changed significantly, the Top of Mind index (brand position in the customer’s mind) increased from 30% to 40%, the Share of Voice index (advertising activity) reached a high level. the most among carriers ~ 39.2%.
  • In particular, this relocation has brought Metfone to win the “Marketing Campaign of the Year” category in the internet/telecommunications sector at the IBA Stevie Awards 2019 – one of the world’s leading international business awards. was established in 2002 to honor the achievements and positive contributions of businesses and individuals around the globe. The award is likened by the New York Post Magazine to the Oscar system for international business with more than 4,000 nominations from 74 countries and more than 1,000 experts participating in the global appraisal process to select the best ones. best unit.


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