Sourcing Associate Executive (Full-time)

In charge of the supply of inputs for the floor. Directly work with the Seller (representatives of cooperatives, individual garden owners or traders) to select and assist them in providing qualified products for effective trading and trading floors.

Main work to do:

– Search and select sellers according to the criteria of the exchange;

Information income (TT) sp: Name / farm center, product certificates, photos, average selling price (flexible), … other information about the supplier if any;

– Explain the rules, mode of operation of the floor, the terms for the Seller;

– Consulting price policy, how to list prices, update price changes;

– Instruct the seller to post / update information on the floor (harvest date, number of shipments, size, product storage, how to use the product, …);

– Check product quality, weight, packaging (give standard specifications of Starslink, farm by themselves at the harvest place);

– Track until the consignment arrives at Hub / WH to collect;

– Track and promptly update the selling price in the regional market to the system;

– Support for handling situations that arise during the purchase and sale process (return, compensation, supplementation due to damage, poor quality, …);

– Receive & report requests for farm / log cold storage services.

Interaction with other departments:

– Supporting the Marketing team to write content;

– Assist CS team with supply information when needed (eg, traceability of consignments,…).


  • Personnel graduated from Universities in Marketing, International Business, Foreign Trade, Business Administration
  • Candidates who have relevant work experience in the fields of goods, agricultural materials – forestry – aquatic – seafood;
  • Ham learning, job management ability and independent working thinking;
  • Have a passion for trade promotion activities, agricultural products;
  • Defining a clear development direction for at least the next 1 year;
  • Responsibility and teamwork skills, good communication – theory.



  • A dynamic, extremely creative working environment, with the goal of developing capacity and human resource orientation first;
  • To be trained internally in order to develop outstanding knowledge and skills at work;
  • Salary policy:
  • Fulltime: 7,000,000 – 10,000,000 VND (+ Allowance)
  • Part-time: 4,000,000 VND – 6,000,000 VND (+ Allowances)
  • Supervisor: 12,000,000 – 15,000,000 VND (+ Allowances)
  • Salary and bonus: 13+ months (or based on working capacity);
  • Get support from leading domestic and international experts
  • Have the right to use the inheritance of company resources, the library system, specialized books and references for internal staff;
  • Have the opportunity to expand, develop and strengthen relationships with experts, large businesses / organizations in the industry.

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