Recently, Vietnam’s agriculture has developed quite comprehensively and is shifting towards large commodity production, with increasing productivity and quality, ensuring food security and sustainable poverty reduction …

In addition, the agricultural product market has had a new development with many agricultural products having a high position in the international market. Vietnamese agricultural products are present in over 180 countries and territories, including major markets such as the US, Japan, EU …

The successes and outstanding development of the agricultural sector have the contribution of science and technology in the field of agriculture and rural development, in which the main focus is on hi-tech agriculture.

Focus on developing high-tech agriculture

In order for science and technology to promote the rapid development of the agricultural sector in the coming time, ministries, branches and localities continue to step by step perfect policies to encourage and develop hi-tech agriculture.

Currently, many localities, enterprises and large corporations have chosen high-tech agriculture, clean agriculture as the main direction for investment, contributing to improving the quality of goods and products, promoting exports and improving high position of Vietnamese agricultural products in the international market.

Ms. Nguyen Giang Thu, Deputy Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Environment (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), said that there were 46 enterprises certified for agricultural enterprises applying high technology nationwide. ; 9 agricultural regions applying high technology are recognized.

In addition to the three established hi-tech agricultural zones, Phu Yen, Bac Lieu and Hau Giang, have now been submitted to the Prime Minister for consideration of establishing 3 hi-tech agricultural zones in Thai Nguyen, Quang Ninh. and Lam Dong.

Along with that, the commercial credit package for the development of high-tech agriculture, clean agriculture has attracted more than 16,800 businesses to participate with an investment of more than 39,000 billion VND. High-tech agriculture has shown to be the right direction in agricultural production in the following years, contributing to a great development of the agricultural sector.

According to Ms. Nguyen Giang Thu, the Department of Science, Technology and Environment actively advised the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the field of science and technology so that science and technology are the basic driving force to promote agriculture. industrial development.

The Department focuses on renewing thinking, sticking to reality to propose policies for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to deploy in all fields of the industry.

“Only when science and technology appear firmly in each industry, each product, or locality … will agriculture become truly comprehensive,” said Nguyen Giang Thu.

According to the report, Vietnam invests in agricultural research and development equivalent to 0.2% of agricultural GDP, while in developed countries this rate is 3-5 times or even 10 times higher.

Therefore, in order for the agricultural sector to develop quickly and sustainably, affirm the brand value, products need to strengthen human resources for research, at the same time, promoting the application and transfer of technology, especially transfer high technology, smart agriculture to adapt to climate change, ecological agriculture …

Along with promoting attracting investment and high-tech zones; promoting the incubation of high-tech enterprises and high-tech fields, the Government is also focusing on building a national key program on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Along with that, continue to build and develop a contingent of science and technology staff, focusing on attracting Vietnamese intellectuals abroad, interested in developing national innovation start-ups to promote national innovation. god of creative entrepreneurship in the community, especially the young generation.

Many outstanding results thanks to the application of science and technology

Mr. Dao The Anh, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said: In the past 10 years, Vietnam has researched and transferred into production hundreds of technical processes in cultivation, husbandry, and forestry. Karma.

In particular, the application of good agricultural practices (VietGAP) is increasingly expanding and effective to bring safe, good quality, high-yield products.

In addition, the expansion of the application of scientific and technological advances in production along with the results of research, evaluation, and deployment of the large sample field model has promoted agricultural production, linking production and consumption. consumption of agricultural products in the value chain. The model field is growing more and more, up to now, there are nearly 3,000 large sample fields nationwide.

Nét nổi bật của sản xuất nông nghiệp là hình thành các vùng sản xuất hàng hóa tập trung gắn với công nghiệp chế biến, việc ứng dụng khoa học và công nghệ sau thu hoạch tạo ra giá trị mới cho nông sản; các tiến bộ kỹ thuật được chuyển giao giúp sản phẩm tươi, an toàn, đảm bảo tiêu chuẩn chất lượng…

Các kết quả này góp phần đưa kim ngạch xuất khẩu rau quả của Việt Nam tăng nhanh, nhiều loại nông sản được nâng lên thông qua kỹ thuật chế biến.

Theo báo cáo Bộ Khoa học và Công nghệ, đầu tư của nhà nước cho nghiên cứu và phát triển công nghệ, đặc biệt là công nghệ trong nông nghiệp đã đạt được một số thành tựu, tuy nhiên, đầu tư cho nghiên cứu khoa học và chuyển giao công nghệ nông nghiệp còn thấp, chưa tới ngưỡng nên chưa tạo ra sản phẩm khoa học và công nghệ mang tính đột phá, đặc trưng vùng, liên vùng.

Bên cạnh đó, cần chuyển trọng tâm quản lý đầu vào sang quản lý đầu ra, ứng dụng hiệu quả sản phẩm khoa học công nghệ vào sản xuất… để nâng cao giá trị, chất lượng sản phẩm nông nghiệp.

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