In order to serve the promotion, promotion and consumption of products, Bac Giang province opened the “Bac Giang lychee electronic transaction floor”.

According to Mr. Lai Thanh Son, Vice Chairman of Bac Giang Provincial People’s Committee, in 2020 the total area of ​​thieu litchi in the province will reach 28,100 ha, the output is estimated at 160,000 tons (an increase of about 10,000 thousand tons compared to 2019). Harvesting begins in May and is expected to end in July 2020. It is known that this year’s lychee crop will export about 80,000 tons, of which China is still the main market. The rest will be processed and sold in the domestic market.

According to the leaders of Bac Giang province, China is still the export market for traditional fabrics. Along with that, the province will continue to pay attention to clearing exports to cooperated markets over the years: the US, EU, Korea, Australia, Malaysia … At the same time, continue to direct households to grow litchi, processing facilities are ready to meet the conditions for other export markets: Japan, Singapore, the Middle East, Thailand, Canada …

For the domestic market, Bac Giang Provincial People’s Committee instructs relevant departments and agencies to coordinate with ministries, central agencies, provinces and cities, connecting with distribution groups, new markets, businesses such as: Aeon, Central Group, Bic C, wholesale markets for agricultural products of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City … for the convenient consumption of lychees. In fact, with nearly 100 million people, this is still a potential market.

In the context of complicated developments of Covid-19 epidemic diseases, in order to be proactive in the production and consumption of products, Bac Giang has developed many plans to promote domestic and export markets.

In order to diversify channels of selling and promoting thieu litchi products to domestic and foreign markets, Bac Giang province has launched the “Electronic Exchange of Thieu Litchi”. This trading floor will be a model to help localities all over the country learn, especially localities growing mango, watermelon, longan, dragon fruit …

In order to ensure the effective operation of the exchange, Bac Giang province also coordinates with Joint Stars Logistics Joint Stock Company (Ho Chi Minh City) to train farmers’ union officials in communes, towns and banks. and representatives of cooperatives, traders producing, processing and consuming agricultural products on solutions such as: cold storage of canned agricultural products, multimodal transport, export to potential markets such as China, EU, Japan …

At the same time, help trainees grasp general information about Luc Ngan thieu litchi trading floor, management skills, and monitoring activities of the floor; how to increase revenue and profit, create customers’ confidence in Luc Ngan lychee brand, to meet the needs of business activities in the unit.

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