Recently, digital content services in Vietnam are developing strongly. This is considered a new industry with much potential in the future. In Vietnam, however, there is still a long-term challenge. Does the  digital content industry have the opportunity to develop before the current trend?

What is digital content?

Digital Content (Digital Content) is being interested in the information technology industry today. However, there is still no consistent definition of this issue.

According to Vietnam, this industry is an intersection between three industry groups: Information technology, telecommunications and content production. In particular, the digital content industry includes many fields such as: Information lookup, digital data, online educational content. And develop content for mobile networks, digital entertainment, e-commerce, etc.

We can still simply understand this phrase ( Digital Content ) in another way. It is the conversion of Content (Content) to Digital (Digital) then called Digital Content.

State of the digital content industry

In Vietnam, the field of digital content began in the 1990s. In recent years, it has been developed into various types of online services.

The field is being oriented mainly on a number of issues. For example, developing digital content for the Internet. Or an application for the mobile network. Or E-learning Online Education; Video games; Database. Entertainment industries related to digital products and services: digital television, online television.

The localization of digital content in our country creates a  rich digital content industry  . Mainly the achievements of educational products, online entertainment, content for mobile devices.

This is a factor to affirm that Vietnam’s digital content field is competitive enough to penetrate the transnational market. However, compared to the income of the entire information technology industry, the proportion of digital content is not high.

Growth opportunities of the digital content industry

Considered as a new economic sector with great potential and high profit value. And contribute to promoting the development of information economy, knowledge economy.

Recognizing that this is a key economic sector that brings many benefits to the country’s GDP. Therefore, the field of digital content is being focused and invested heavily by the State. Especially investment in human resources, infrastructure, legal environment. Create favorable conditions for the development of the field of digital information content. And there are preferential policies for products of high economic value.

On the other hand, Vietnam is located in a favorable geographical position, with a stable political security system. This will be an area that will attract large investments from many countries. As a young industry promises a dynamic and quality human resource.

The necessity of the digital content industry for businesses

Acting as a focus area to increase economic benefits for  businesses . Digital content is strongly applied by businesses. To ensure fair competition, without cheating and violating each other’s property rights.

Increase brand awareness

Online business is a fertile market for businesses. Therefore, a brand that wants to be successful must apply the digital content industry. To effectively promote the mission, values, products and services of the business. And described in detail, specifically through social media channels. Since then, the influence of the brand has grown.

Increase the rate of better reaching potential customers

More than 90% of users use smart devices online. The trend of researching and buying online is also a common problem.

Therefore, businesses use  digital content services  in product and service business strategies. It will help businesses attract the right and a lot of potential customers. Things that seem very difficult but it optimizes the investment costs of the business.

Community links create business power

When a  business has  good digital content, it will create an impact on the community. And will grow stronger to help businesses sell core products and other related products.


The digital content industry is a highly intellectual and profitable economic industry. It is a means to the information society and knowledge economy. In addition, is the application solution of the field of information technology to create online programs. Helping businesses increase their competitiveness in the online market.


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