In this day and age, there are hundreds of thousands of new products coming onto the market every day.

Therefore, every business needs a professional Marketing team to bring their products to customers without being left behind.

So what is the term  Marketing ? What is the role of marketing in business? What is the job of a Marketing staff  ?

The following article will help you generalize the most basic knowledge, what is the definition of Marketing. What are you waiting for, scroll down to learn about modern Marketing right now!

What is Marketing?

Marketing  (also known as Marketing) is the process of optimizing and understanding the desired requirements of customers, is a marketing activity to determine the ability to produce at a suitable price. Then produce and sell to the market with the set price strategy.

According to Wikipedia,  Marketing  is a very broad field of business activities or transactions, including the following categories:

  • Marketing, communication strategy
  • Brand developping
  • Design
  • Valuation
  • Market research
  • Customer psychology
  • Customer positioning
  • Measure effectiveness

The core element of Marketing is understanding the interests and desires of customers to convince customers to buy products and services. It is the basis for long-term development in the future.

For long-term success, businesses must constantly understand the needs and wants of customers. Thereby adding value through different approaches to topics that customers are interested in.

According to  Philip Kotler , the world famous Marketing professor; The “father” of modern marketing.

Definition that “Marketing is the science and art of discovering, creating and delivering value to satisfy the needs of target markets at a profit. Marketing identifies unmet needs and wants.

It identifies, measures and quantifies the size of the identified market and profit potential. It determines which segments the company is best able to serve, and it designs and promotes the right products and services.”

Besides, you can refer to What is Insight? Customer Insight properly exploited will create success for product branding marketing.

The role of marketing for businesses

Let’s find out what  marketing is all about  in the modern economy. And holding what role each business needs to invest in a methodical and professional way compared to the real economic world out there.

Marketing is an effective way to attract customers

Attracting customers through the target market is a very important goal for businesses. Attracting customers is different from making an offer. It is providing customers with information related to new products and your business.

Marketing consulting  is the task of marketing professionals to help attract and maintain customer interactions with businesses.

Tell your customers interesting things they didn’t know. Come up with interesting content that convinces and delights customers that are worth their time.

Marketing helps build relationships between customers and businesses

Building public relations by studying customer psychology and behavior, modern Marketing helps reputable businesses to satisfy the needs and desires of customers. From there to create relationships and gain their trust.

The production department will then ensure to deliver the product on time as promised. This makes customers loyal to your brand.

Loyal customers will have the confidence to buy more products from the business, thereby becoming loyal and long-term customers. Or to be precise, people do not buy the product but buy the benefits that the product brings.

The trust and understanding between customers and businesses will create more sales and benefits for your business.

Marketing helps increase sales

Marketing uses a variety of ways to promote and distribute, as well as deliver, a product or service, such as a discount strategy, promotional offers, etc.

Once the new product has been advertised, you will have more opportunities to make a sale. Customers may want to try out a new feature of your product or service.

When customers are happy with your new product or service, they can become your brand ambassador without your knowledge. They will introduce more consumers and your sales will start to increase.

Make sure you deliver quality products and services that are worth your marketing efforts.

Marketing helps businesses maintain relationships with existing customers

Most businesses assume that they will always be the brand that customers love. This is a very wrong thought.

To maintain customer relationships, you must find a way to stay in their mind. Marketing will help you accomplish this goal by helping you stay relevant.

Don’t just focus on acquiring new customers and forget about retaining existing ones.

To support this problem almost every business thing uses CRM. So  what is CRM, how effective is CRM in customer relationship management? Please refer now.

Marketing offers a wide range of revenue options

In the early stages of establishment, businesses often have very little choice because they do not have much money.

Marketing strategies will help you get more customers and more income opportunities. As a result, you will have more choices.

Having more options gives you more courage to enter new markets.

Then you’ll be free to ignore customers who demand too much of you or are just paying customers that aren’t a good fit for your business.

With the importance of marketing like that, in the end, what areas does the marketing implementation process  include  to boost sales for businesses? Scroll down to read more!

13 popular forms of marketing today

Modern marketing includes many forms, serving diverse and different customer needs. In which, 13  main types of Marketing can be divided  as below:

forms of marketing
Overview of 13 types of Marketing

Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing is a form of marketing through newspapers, television, phone calls and email.

Marketing industries
Outbound Marketing

This marketing method called “Outbound” is a small component of the big framework of marketing. Because brands are conveying their message to all consumers in a mass way, whether consumers have demand, accept it or not.

Inbound Marketing

In Vietnam market, Inbound Marketing seems to be one of  the marketing terms that  are rarely mentioned? Have you ever heard of Inbound Marketing?

Basically,  Inbound Marketing  focuses on attracting target customers rather than annoying them. The majority of Inbound plans focus on Digital Marketing.

Because when customers search for Google online, it happens on their own in their commercial shopping process.

The focus of Inbound Marketing is to create valuable experiences that positively impact people and businesses, to bring in leads.

What is marketing?
Summary of types of inbound marketing by stage in the buying journey

Customers will come to your website for the right content, bringing them benefits. When customers come in, you’ll engage and delight them using communication tools like email or chat windows and provide a great customer experience. At the same time, it promises to continue other values.

To be able to deploy the Inbound Marketing strategy in the most effective way,  outsourced Marketing  is an effective solution that you should refer to. A professional Marketing team will help your business achieve its goals more easily.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing  is the promotion of a brand on any information and entertainment channel that appeared before the Internet.

Because information is not readily available and easily accessible, much of the traditional marketing approach relies on outbound tactics. Most of the interaction with customers takes place directly inside the stores.

For example: printed books, television advertising services, billboards, magazines, leaflets, etc.

Digital Marketing

Contrary to traditional marketing,  Digital Marketing  is a solution that brings many benefits and takes advantage of modern technologies to reach users and buyers of quality products and services in many new ways. This type of marketing uses electronic devices or the Internet.

What is marketing?
Difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing

Businesses will leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email and websites to connect with current and future customers. Besides enhancing their reputation in the eyes of customers.

Come here, if you want to know more about Digital Marketing to help businesses increase efficiency, please refer to  What is Digital Marketing  now!

Below are more specific types of Digital Marketing solutions:

Search Engine Marketing  (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (Search Engine Marketing)  includes marketing activities to ensure that your new product or service is displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs).

When a user enters a certain keyword, SEM allows your business to appear as the top result of that search.

There are two types of SEM including:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for organic search results
  • PPC (Pay-per-click) for sponsored SERPs.
What areas does marketing include?
SEO and PPC are two particularly important types of search engine marketing

To do SEO, you must be familiar with Google search engine ranking factors and content production.

With PPC, you have to work with your online business as the search engine you’re targeting to be ready to buy the position. Google Ads is a popular choice among users in the current or future commercial era.

Content Marketing (Content Marketing)

Content Marketing  is an important tool in Inbound and Digital Marketing.

Content marketing business activities include creating, publishing and promoting and optimizing content to your potential customers, allowing customers to find the information they need on web or blog marketing.

Social Media Marketing is the creation of content to promote a business’ brand and products on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

learn about marketing
Content marketing is one of the 13 types of marketing

To help customers solve problems on their shopping journey, you need to identify what your customers care about when they shop, and then build and curate content accordingly.

Social Media Marketing

To help your post content connect with more potential customers, create content that is useful, interesting, and in line with the standards of that social network.

Especially thanks to social media, information is brought to customers in the fastest way.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing  is a type of content marketing that conveys ideas through video and shares on websites, Youtube and social networks.

Thereby increasing user awareness of the brand, generating conversions and closing sales.

Some Video apps even allow you to analyze, nurture and measure the potential of your customers through their business activities.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing  is a method of connecting with customers by sending useful content or promotional information to subscribers to receive newsletters from businesses.

To tighten relationships with customers, businesses need to personalize marketing messages to customers and nurture them with useful and valuable information.

To use this form, you need to make a list of customers that you can send email to.

You can go through the information forms on the website. Then use email automation software or  Email Marketing service . Finally, track and monitor your email effectiveness.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing  was created to exploit interactive communities on social networks.

Influencers are influencers in that community and can help you promote to the audience you’re trying to reach.

What is mkt?
An influencer marketing ad in collaboration between Oppo and Huong Giang

To get started with Influencer Marketing you need to identify the Influencer you need, to target the audience they have influence on. Then make a list of matching criteria.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Scale of influence
  • Activity level
  • Influencer interest in your business’ products.

Then search for Influencer audiences online, use Influencer Marketing platforms or use agencies.

Finally, maintain relationships with these Influencers so that they have space to promote your products.

Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing)

Affiliate Marketing  is a model of marketing products through online product distribution channels (such as websites).

Accordingly, the person doing Affiliate Marketing will be paid by the supplier when there is an audience to buy the item they have introduced.

If you have marketing tools   with high traffic or an interactive network on social networks, then Affiliate Marketing will help you make the most of those tools.

Choose an advantage product or brand that aligns with what you’re selling but doesn’t compete to promote to your customers.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is one of  the  most reliable forms of marketing today when a customer promotes the product or service of the business to others.

To generate a lot  of  word of mouth marketing , you need to focus on developing the best products and services possible and delivering top-notch services to your customers.

You have to satisfy the customer’s needs and wants before you can satisfy your own needs. Then customers will become loyal and trust to connect other potential customers with your products and services to their friends and relatives.

If you want to learn a little more about Word of Mouth, you should refer to  What is Viral Marketing . This is one of the most effective forms of viral marketing today.

Event Marketing (Event Marketing)

Event Marketing  is the  marketing planning , organization and implementation of programs or an event to promote your brand, products and services.

Events can be held in person or online. Businesses can be event organizers, or can also attend as traditional marketers, exhibitions or sponsors.

What does marketing do?
Coca Cola brand sponsors events for brand marketing purposes

Many organizations also use their experience to attend events as speakers. They share useful information for the event, for the audience they target. In return they and their brand will be known to the participants.

In addition, there are also events that use on-site incentives to turn attendees into buyers and their purchase proves your business’s marketing campaign in the right direction.

Besides the above types of Marketing, Marketing mix or  4P Marketing  is a general phrase used to describe marketing activities that businesses deploy throughout the entire marketing process to bring a product or service to market. .

For students oriented towards Marketing

According to job surveys, Marketing is an industry that has an increasing demand and desire to recruit new graduates.

So  what is a marketer to do ? Do you have to study a certain subject? Are you suitable to be a Marketer?

A good marketer should be able to listen to and acknowledge feedback from current and former customers about why their product or service meets their needs and wants.

The content below will partly answer your questions oriented to specific Marketing and specialization industries.

What do Marketing staff do?

In your opinion, what is the real job of a marketer? What departments does the Marketing Department consist of? Looking at  the job description of Marketing staff  on recruitment channels also makes you confused. Seems hard to get the right answer, doesn’t it?

The marketing industry is quite broad with a variety of types. In general, the marketing department will have the following positions and corresponding marketing job descriptions:

Marketing Assistant (Marketing Assistant)

It is a popular name for those who are new to the Marketing industry. The person in charge of this job will perform different duties depending on the company. However, it usually includes:

  • Support Marketing leader with office administrative tasks, help Marketing department run smoothly and successfully.
  • Communicate with customers about questions, concerns, and other needs.
  • Collect and input information about marketing strategies.
  • Write and coordinate to publish press releases.

Account Executive (Customer Management majoring in Business Administration)

Account Executives often work with agencies, marketing companies, and interact with clients.

They will have to cultivate relationships with customers by maintaining contact, formulating marketing strategies and managing campaigns.

This job is suitable for you:

  1. Have good soft skills.
  2. Have a desire to learn about how marketing campaigns work.
  3. Make suitable innovation ideas in business

Digital Marketing Coordinator (Digital Marketing Coordinator)

Digital Marketing Coordinators often have to work closely with different Marketing teams to ensure an effective traditional marketing campaign.

They need to:

  1. Plan and ensure the progress of the campaign
  2. Financial budget management
  3. Coordinate the campaign from start to finish

A successful Digital Marketing Coordinator needs to have organizational skills, the ability to manage time and the art of handling situations well.

SEO Specialist

SEO specialists are responsible for analyzing and optimizing websites so that the website can rank at the top of the search engine results.

They will determine how to increase website traffic by continuously testing and analyzing data to identify trends.

They also analyze data before and after performing paid search campaigns.

An SEO specialist will thrive if he has strong analytical skills, critical thinking, and systematic knowledge of technology or programming. This is one of the  jobs of Marketing that  requires certain perseverance and meticulousness.

Digital Strategy (Digital Strategist)

Digital Strategy identifies target audience and challenges in marketing strategies of businesses. They will work with many different departments to develop  a marketing strategy  to attract and gain high traffic.

A digital strategist needs to have good problem solving, analytical abilities and teamwork skills.

Social media Marketing Coordinator (Social media Coordinator)

The Social Media Coordinator will:

  • Build and manage social media campaigns for your brand.
  • Build content on social media platforms
  • Manage and track paid social campaigns
  • Update the special trends of social media.

Skills required for this position include the ability to connect ideas and write well, creativity, and a deep understanding of social media.

Marketing Analyst (Market Analyst)

Analyst will do market research jobs such as:

  • Survey on customer satisfaction
  • Hear from customers
  • Competitive analysis and product testing
  • Measure campaign performance to identify success characteristics and patterns

Marketers are often those who have the ability to analyze and research data, care about details and be tech-savvy, and connect members with similar ideas for better results.

Content Marketer

Content Marketers create a variety of content including white papers, blogs, books, video scripts, and writing content for websites.

marketing profession
Content marketers are suitable for those who like to be creative and meticulous.

Content Marketers are often experts in the field they are working in, as well as knowledgeable about effective SEO methods for their content to rank well on search engines.

This role requires creativity, systems analysis and attention to detail.

Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Managers are only in charge of the company’s product or their product line, and they must have a firm grasp of the underlying theories of product information.

Product marketing manager responsibilities include:

  • Determine how to promote each specific product using your data and analytical skills.
  • Plan the marketing strategy for the product’s campaign by collaborating with the product designers and the Marketing department.

Product Marketing Manager should have:

  • Critical thinking
  • Ability to strategize
  • Good leadership and leadership ability
  • Communication skills with partners
  • The ability to see the market overview

What is Marketing?

Marketing knowledge  is indeed quite broad, difficult to grasp all. However, don’t worry too much. They all have a route for you.

After studying Marketing, you will be more sensitive in recognizing the potential environment as well as the challenges and opportunities before your competitors. Ability to plan marketing for individuals or even businesses.

Typical introductory courses in Marketing typically include:

  • Research Marketing
  • Marketing Principles
  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing Management Research
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing and Social
  • Identify personal advantage

From there, learners will form an understanding of Marketing, one of which is:

  • Interaction with customers
  • Product pricing and promotions
  • Trademark
  • Supply and demand
  • Global Marketing
  • Strategic planning

Advanced courses for higher learners typically include:

  • Retail Management
  • Channel Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing for the momentous changes of society
  • Direct response marketing
  • Advertising and Social Media Strategy
  • Sports Marketing Manager

In subjects such as brand management, learners will learn how to brand products, services and organizations.

These courses will give learners the tools they need to manage or build a brand or create a brand identity.

Learners can also join Marketing clubs to learn about Marketing – Marketing Online events  . Or grab internships from predecessors or mentors.

Internships are a very important opportunity for you to combine personal experience with the knowledge you have learned.


Who should learn Marketing?

If you already understand the concept of marketing, are you curious if you are really suitable for  Marketing ? As a general rule, there are two personality types that will thrive in marketing.

So are you one or both?

People who like to communicate


  • Writer
  • Blogger
  • Journalist
  • Storyteller
  • Or those who like to express themselves through words.

The above professions are usually trained by specialized universities and colleges. This communicative personality type thrives in Internet Marketing with endless ideas like content creation, blogging, and social media.

If you are a creative person that will be a good start for you. But Marketing doesn’t just require disruptive creative thinking, it requires the ability to connect creativity with strategy, and then being able to present this marketing strategy.

This is called a purposeful connection.

Because a good idea won’t be worth it if you can’t express it well.

People who like to analyze

They are the people:

  • Collecting digital data on websites
  • Data expert
  • Predictive analytics
  • People who enjoy presenting information and synthesizing findings.

Analysts often have the most important skills in marketing. They constantly come up with logical ideas to make the analysis more accurate and efficient.

For example,  in marketing , you need to capture consumer behavior, optimize conversions through A/B testing, and measure digital marketing with web analytics and other tools.

To do marketing, you must not only understand the above conditions but also be skillful, combined with analytical skills and problem-solving abilities.

So what exactly is marketing? Here are some other important skills that will help you succeed in  the marketing industry :

  • Collaborative ability, multi-function
  • Confident, not afraid to share
  • Know how to use a computer
  • Adhere to deadlines
  • Ability to link ideas well, write well
  • Energetic and quick to learn
  • Love the dynamic environment
  • Presentation capabilities
  • Discipline and self-discipline
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize what’s important.


Surely by now, you have understood briefly about the Marketing / Marketing industry   and  what Marketing does  ?

In the era of growing technology and the trend of using social networks, search engines are increasing day by day.

Marketing is an indispensable field for any business wishing to promote the development of a commercial business environment and reduce costs. That is why for specific products, businesses need to invest a lot more in marketing activities.

In addition, for marketers, you should also learn more knowledge about Marketing to become an Expert in the industry and come up with breakthrough marketing solutions for businesses.

What type of marketing have you applied in the checklist mentioned above? Share it with me now!


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