Digitization: Consulting, design, supply and installation of equipment, systems

  • Digitalization (digital map) of farming area planning
  • Digitalizing farming process and data collection
  • Traceability of agricultural products
  • Collecting post-harvest processing data (sorting, disinfection, quality control)
  • Collection of packaging data, labeling.

DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAIN ​​MODEL FOR AGRICULTURE – Surveying, analyzing, designing, supplying, installing, transferring equipment / systems:

  • Digital logistics system: warehouse management, transport management – delivery.
  • E-commerce trading floor: introduction, search, order, delivery, payment, …
  • Supply chain management system: forecasting supply – demand, processing orders, planning & managing logistics to ensure proactive order execution.
  • Connecting multi-channel, inter-floor sales, …

INVESTMENT FOR DEVELOPMENT – Joint investment and exploitation of systems:

  • E-commerce trading floor of agricultural products (Mekong Fresh, …)
  • Operating system of collection centers, warehouses, and transportation
  • System of wholesale, distribution and retail markets
  • Border import-export center, …